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Wicked Staffing Chat

Wicked Crazy World of Staffing!

It has been almost 2 years now that I have owned my own staffing firm.  I have been working in the staffing industry though, for over 22 years now.  Whether you are working in a staffing firm or own a staffing firm, it’s one hell of a ride!

Where else can you be a hero and a demon all in the same day?

One minute, you have a customer thanking your cape wearing staff of management, recruiters and account executives, who have miraculously found 10 forklift operators for 3rd shift, for barely above minimum wage with less than 24 hours’ notice, believing that you are the best thing since the applicant tracking system was invented!  The next minute, you are an imbecile that represents other imbeciles who are possessed, demonic and need an exorcism and  should go into a whole other industry as well as have their heads examined for lack of IQ.

One minute, you are a wonderful, caring staffing firm that helped someone find that perfect job, 5 minutes from their house, in a company they have wanted to work at since conception and perfectly suited to their skills, Zumba dancing and basket weaving.  The next minute your firm sent someone on an assignment where it was a “hostile” environment because someone looked at them the wrong way and they weren’t promoted to a supervisor role, since starting as a packer only 6 weeks ago.  Then they decide, like a cat deciding suddenly they need to be in another room, that they need to go to New York for some emergency that they never explain.  Sure enough, a few weeks later, you get an unemployment claim for them……and you somehow are found to be at fault for this person quitting there job and have to take the hit on your unemployment mod, despite they quit a perfectly good job.

In case you think that I am exaggerating, chat with anyone working in staffing and they will tell you, not only is this mostly true, but they can top these stories!!

BUT I LOVE STAFFING!  I really do.  Every day is a different day and you meet people from all walks of life!  Staffing has a tremendously fast learning curve and you need to keep up to survive but in doing so, you learn new skills and acquire new knowledge all of the time.  It’s an amazing school of the reality of human kind, both good and bad, as well as how different businesses and industries work.  You get a front row seat for all of this experience that you can read about in a book but until you work in staffing, you can’t truly understand how some of society really works!  Don’t even get me started on the legal system.  I will save my opinions of that schizophrenic system for another day!

For all of my fellow staffing peers out there, who are lifers, I laugh with you and feel your pain.  For the newbies, welcome aboard and put on your seat belt.  It’s going to be a fantastic, adrenaline pumping ride and “we are going to need a bigger boat”!