Job Seeker FAQ

These are just temp jobs. They are not real jobs right?

This is actually not true!  Most of our jobs are long term or temp-hire.  Many of our employees get hired by our company clients.  Taking a job at Wicked Staffing Solutions should be taken seriously and treated the way you would if you worked anywhere else.  Chances are if you work hard and are reliable, you will have earned a great opportunity.

How soon can I start working?

Depending on your availability and desire to give notice to your current employer as well as the needs of our customer, your start date can vary, and we will work with you to try and get you back to work or at your new opportunity as soon as we can.  You may be able to start the next day or the next week.  It really depends on many different variables.

How often should I check in for work if there is not a good job match for me right away?

Wicked Staffing Solutions gets new job opportunities every day.  Calling your recruiter once a week is a good way to stay in touch and stay at the top of their available list!

What does it cost an applicant to use your services?

There is no cost to apply for a job or to work for Wicked Staffing Solutions.  We do not charge people to find them jobs either.  We never charge applicants if we help create or improve their resumes or to prep them for interviews.  We love what we do and really want everyone we send out to get the job!

If I don’t like the assignment I am on, what should I do?

We realize not every job is a good fit, but never walk off an assignment.  Call your Wicked Staffing Solutions recruiter as soon as you can and let them know the assignment is not working out for you and why.  You can opt to continue working until another position is found for you. If you have been on this assignment for a while with us, it would be proper to give us some kind of notice.

What happens if I apply, and I don’t hear back from a recruiter?

We sincerely try our best to try and reach out to contact everyone that applies but due to the very high volume of applicants, some individuals may not be contacted.  This usually means they were not a not a match for the job they applied for or the job may have closed.  There could be many reasons.  If you are still interested in working for Wicked Staffing Solutions, feel free to contact your local office and ask to speak to a recruiter.

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