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Wicked Staffing Solutions is more than a staffing and recruitment services firm.

Wicked Staffing Solutions works hard for you whether you need 1 employee or 300! Partnering with us means you get a staffing firm that cares and only sends qualified candidates.  You get a staffing firm that really LISTENS to what your needs are and that understands your job openings are more than just job descriptions.  Wicked Staffing Solutions will work closely with you to make sure that we get the right people in the right places and your job a little easier.

Types of positions we fill include:


Call Center


Commercial Printing


Food Packaging

Leadership + Professional Roles




Warehouse + Fulfillment

Our Services

When you have a project to complete or you just aren’t sure how long you will need someone and would like some flexibility, traditional temporary staffing with Wicked Staffing Solutions is the best option for efficient and cost-effective staffing needs.

Wicked Staffing Solutions temporary to hire services is the ideal way to supplement your workforce quickly while having the time to assess the candidate’s abilities, work ethics and professionalism.  Our process is tailor made to suit your requirements, likes/dislikes and time constraints.  Wicked Staffing Solutions does the recruiting, interviewing and many of the HR functions that take up so much of your valuable time and money.   All you have to do, is call us.

Weather you have one job requisite or many, Wicked Staffing Solutions Direct Hire Solutions can be the solution you need if you don’t have time to sift through resumes and sit through countless interviews or if the candidate market has dried up so much that you can’t find anyone to interview.  Wicked Staffing Solutions will post ads, conduct interviews and put the best candidates in front of you.  You have nothing to lose with Direct Hire Solutions.  If we don’t find someone that you want to hire, it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Wicked Staffing Solutions on-site staffing program is perfect for you if you have higher volume staffing needs and you want your staffing firm to not only fulfill those needs everyday but also manage the employees’ they place at your facility every day.  We have the experience it takes to recruit for high volume production facilities and deal with the fluctuations and flexibility necessary to keep things running.  We take care of the HR functions and work closely with our customers to ensure their production, safety and QC goals are met.

Do you have more than one staffing agency providing people for your staffing needs?  If so, it may be time to consider an MSP or Managed Service Provider.  For anyone tired of dealing with the confusion of multiple agencies, multiple invoices and all of the chaos that comes with that, this is a perfect fit.  Wicked Staffing Solutions can take all of the agencies under our management for you.  Let us deal with the personalities and the headaches so you can take care of business. 

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