Why Choose Wicked Staffing

We work hard with you and for your business.

How is Wicked Staffing Solutions Different?

HR Knowledge Is Power

You can rest your head at night knowing that we have your back and that we don’t cut any corners.  Wicked Staffing Solutions interviews and E-verifies all employees.  We know and follow the laws and make sure we closely monitor the HR trends to see what’s coming. If you ever need HR assistance, we are here for you.

Recruitment Rocks!

Our philosophy at Wicked Staffing Solutions is that “recruiting is a verb”!  We do all of the following activities and more to find the talent that you want and need.

You save time-We take care of the following:

And so much more but we can’t tell you all of our tricks!

Brand Ambassadors

Wicked Staffing Solutions is a Brand Ambassador for your company as well.  We will conduct a safety tour and bring recruiters for a tour as well.  We will ask you about all of your company’s benefits and why your company is one of the best places to work.  Wicked Staffing Solutions always finds a way to highlight what is special and unique about your company and present your opportunities to the best candidates available.

Partner With Wicked

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